How to Create Pages

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How to Create Pages

Create Pages by

  • Registering to create an account
  • Searching for the title of your project in the search bar at the left. If the search comes back with zero results, you will be asked to "create this page" with that name. Click that link to begin creating that page.
  • Create the page and click edit at the top.
  • Suggestion: copy the contents of Hey_Soul_Sister as a template starting point for your page
  • Choose one or more categories (shown on the Main_Page) that you feel your project falls into and create a category tags such as [[Category:I V vi IV]] or [[Category:vi IV I V]]. You can see all of the categories from the main page.
  • Add a description and links to the content you're submitting by formatting them as [// The Thing My Link Goes To].
  • See steps below for uploading and linking to content
  • Once your page is complete, click save and review it. Go to the main page and ensure that your page shows up in the proper categories.


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