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1 flat-7 4 1 in major keys -- "Sweet Child O' Mine" progression

In his analysis of Hey Jude (and a few other Beatles tunes using it), Alan W. Pollack likes to consider the flat-7 chord to be IV-of-IV, so it could be considered a modulation into the IV key, a IV-I church (plagal) cadence, pivoting on the IV and back into I for another church cadence (Pollack calls this a double-plagal cadence). But that's just one guy's opinion.

It's interesting that even though these changes are usually a repeating loop, nobody ever thinks of it or implements it as just I-bVII-IV . The I is always repeated end and beginning. I wonder why. -Steve

On second thought maybe I know why. The last bar of I chord, besides rounding out the four, also re-establishes the home key that was unsettled by the previous two bars. - Steve

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