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The I V vi IV

1 5 6 4 in major keys the "With or Without You" progression.

When it loops, it's arguably the same as its sister, the Sensitive Female Chord Progression vi IV I V

Both are heavily overused these days, see this article.

See also the performance of the Axis of Awesome who kindly mash up 39 of these tunes (many not listed here) including a couple from the Sensitive Female Chord Progression (by simply coming in two bars late).

Some may consider this progression to be a shortened or abbreviated Pachelbel progression, as Rob Paravonian (the Pachelbel Rant guy) evidently does. The first three chords are Pachelbel, the fourth skips ahead to the penultimate chord of Pachelbel, then you're back to I again. If this argument has validity, then this entire genre of pop could be an extended Pachelbel tribute, making this cliche over 320 years old.